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400CFM 6 Inch Inline Fan



600W Digital Ballasts



40x79x79 Mylar Tent


Luma Grow Equipment

1000W Cool Tube System
$339.95 | IZ-CT-1000

1000W Air Cooled System
$339.95 | SKU IZ-AC-1000

600W Batwing System
$199.95 | IZ-BW-600

600W Cool Tube System
$229.95 | SKU IZ-CT-600

48x48x79 Mylar Grow Tent
$149.95 | IZ-GT-121220

95x95x79 Mylar Grow Tent
$249.95 | SKU IZ-GT-242420

6 Inch Inline Fan Combo
$199.95 | SKU IZ-FAC-6

6 Inch Inline Fan
$119.95 | SKU IZ-FAC-6-F

19" Bowl Trimmer
$399.95 | IZ-HMT-19

14" Bowl Trimmer
$299.95 | SKU IZ-HMT-14

18" TrimPro Style
$349.95 | IZ-ETT-18

2 Ton Split Air Conditioner
$1295.00 | SKU KRF70GW


Product Details

  • The best priced hydroponic systems on the web!
  • CSA Certified Ballasts
  • Complete starter sets from 400W up to 1000W.
  • A matching HPS and MH bulb included with each system.
  • Includes a free 24 Hour Timer and Easy Roller Pulley set.

More Details

CSA Certified

ALL Digital Ballasts offered by illumaLights are CSA Approved and electronically certified for use in Canada and the US.

Digital Electronic Ballasts


Our new Digital Dimmable Ballast Technology is the greatest advancement in hydroponics! These ballasts operate both High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) Bulbs. Each CSA Certified ballast includes a built in cooling fan, and the built in "smart chip" automatically detects the type of bulb present, along with the voltage (either 120V or 240V). LOWER YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL AND SAVE MONEY! These ballasts are more efficient and reduced energy consumption meaning a reduced electricity bill. When compared to standard core and coil magnetic ballasts you can save up to $100 a year on electricity!

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illumaLights is your Number 1 source for all your Hydroponic and growing needs. Not only do we supply the highest quality and top value Digital Reflector Systems in the market, we offer an extensive line of digital and electronic ballasts, mylar grow tents, and grow reflectors.

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